Esse post será em inglês.


Hello my fellow readers!

I know I have a few visitors every now and then from countries where the spoken language is not Portuguese. I do consider that maybe these readers are just Brazilian people reading it, but perhaps they can be English, American, Canadian, or European readers that for some reason the search engines sent here and all they face is a blog written in Brazilian Portuguese with some recurring English terms, some world cultural references and that’s it.

Therefore, in the beginning of the year, this year, 2014, I decided to create a new blog, The Lari Herald, to exercise my English writing, since I have already exercised my reading and speaking in a great extent.

There are a lot of things I still need to practice, I feel I write very much in the same way I talk, which is very much colloquial. Although I have read all the classics in its original, (by classics, I meant mainly the novels by Miss Austen and the Bronte sisters hahaha and some others), I cannot and I feel I should not write in that manner.

Anyways, The Lari Herald came in its existence so my foreign friends could read to whatever I was to write to keep them updated to my exciting life back in Brazil. The fact is, I have to admit, I did not write that much, so I neither exercised my writing skills nor updated my friends on my life events. Actually, I feel I did not even advertise it to my world spread friends, so no one is really reading it. Ironic, huh?

If you can only read English when you fall on your butt on this blog and you wish you could read it better… (google translate does do the job, but oh my god, why is he so bad at it?), you can always click on the “read in English” link over there on the menu bar, but I have to warn you: the content is not always the same… actually, I’d say it’s fairly the same, or not the same at all hahaha.

But now we have some news on that! You can comment on that posts using the facebook comment box app, and if you feel like reading some content somewhat similar to what I’ve been writing in Portuguese, you can always let me know.

I do have a contact form you can fill here on this blog as well, or you can write to and we can talk about it. I’d love to hear from you.

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